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Care Continuum – Bridge between doctors and patients

Is the Objective of Apollo ProHealth

World Scenario

Non-communicable diseases have been established as a clear threat not only to human health, but also to development and economic growth. The total number of all deaths worldwide currently stem from NCDs – chiefly cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes is at 63%. About one-quarter of all NCD deaths occur below the age of 60, amounting to approximately 9 million deaths per year. NCDs have a large impact, undercutting productivity and boosting healthcare outlays. The United Nations held its first High-Level Meeting on NCDs on 19-20 September .The macroeconomic impact of NCDs is profound as they cause loss of productivity and decrease in GDP. Five key messages emerged from the Global Economic Burden of Non- Communicable Disease ( September 2011).

  1. NCDs pose a substantial economic burden. The macroeconomic simulations suggest a cumulative output loss of US$ 47 trillion over the next two decades with respect to cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, cancer, diabetes and mental health, This loss represents 75% of global GDP in 2010 (US$ 63 trillion).
  2. High-income countries currently face the biggest economic burden of NCDs, the developing world, especially middle-income countries are expected to assume an ever larger share as their economies and populations grow.
  3. Cardiovascular disease and mental health conditions are the dominant contributors to the global economic burden of NCDs.
  4. NCDs are front and centre on business leaders’ radar. The World Economic Forum’s annual Executive Opinion Survey (EOS), which feeds into its Global Competitiveness Report, shows that about half of all business leaders surveyed worry that at least one NCD will hurt their company’s bottom line in the next five years.
  5. There appear to be numerous options available to prevent and control NCDs and WHO has identified a set of interventions they call “Best Buys”.

Back Ground

The Apollo ecosystem is playing a pivotal role in combating  non-communicable diseases, covid 19, post covid recovery and its complications. Studies show that pre-existing non-communicable disease conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, chronic lung disorders, cancer, stroke, obesity & mental health disorders etc. are associated with severe outcomes in covid 19 as compared to those with no-pre-existing conditions or conditions under control. One can move themselves and their families out of the high -risk zone by addressing NCDs and reducing the risk of Covid 19 and NCDs and their combination. Your life is priceless. Hence, it is of utmost importance right now to look after your health and invest in prevention and a holistic lifestyle.

Apollo ProHealth

Apollo ProHealth is a program which can `guide you towards good physical and mental wellbeing. It is based on the Apollo clinical expertise of 22 million health checks since last 37 years to combat non-communicable diseases. It is a three-year holistic, AI enabled preventive program that brings together cutting-edge diagnostics, predictive tools and the most advanced personalized care based on the principle of Predict, Prevent and Overcome to combat non-communicable diseases. It will help you predict risks early , prevent health threats and overcome existing health conditions. The program has unique features of a health risk assessment, customizing care; a care continuum delivered by health mentors, and holistic components like yoga, meditation and nutrition advice delivering personalized health and lifestyle modification, all steering the individuals towards better health outcomes.

Physical and Mental Health

ProHealth is Apollo’s answer to NCDs and combating the covid-19 pandemic providing mental and physical reassurance. It will help you to find out and manage complications due to NCDs and Covid-19 so that the people can recover mentally and physically. It is your shield to combat the pandemic.

Patients with NCDs need to be managed lifelong due to the chronic nature of the diseases and its complications which might arise due to improper follow up and lack of control over clinical parameters. Their impact can be significantly reduced through curated, scientific management offered under the program. A person has to usually approach different doctors, labs, hospitals and wellness centres to address various aspects of NCDs and its manifestations. Apollo understood the painful journey a patient has to traverse meeting different providers and deficiency of a coordinated and well monitored holistic health program pretty early and therefore a unique feature of this program entails a systematic long term well- coordinated follow up with clinical expertise. It is also seamlessly supported across the Apollo ecosystem across the country as long term monitoring will need various touchpoints in the ecosystem. This leads to prevention of complications and by nipping risk factors in the bud. It benefits individuals and communities and reduces the subsequent impact of any concurrent infections and pandemics like Covid 19 which present from time to time

Care Continuum – Bridge between doctors and patients

The ProHealth program is a vital tool for doctors to address non communicable diseases which are killing majority of the population. Non- communicable diseases need a holistic approach along with cutting edge medical advice. The ProHealth program can customize a care plan for your client based on health risks and help them engage in periodic, proactive follow up of their health status through a health mentor and lifestyle modifications after your medical review. This will help your client to access curated medical and  holistic care for non-communicable diseases like diabetes, heart disease  and help them improve their health outcomes through a scientifically designed,  personalized care program wherever they are based.

It will help them predict risk factors, prevent disease and overcome existing conditions. This will help you contribute to prevent diseases in your community through a sustained community- based health intervention. This is in turn will improve your health practice by improving client satisfaction when community health is looked after in a holistic and comprehensive manner  and building trust between you, the client and Apollo ecosystem. It’s a win -win for all with access to a cutting -edge healthcare program built to combat non-communicable diseases and shield your client during the pandemic. A ProHealth app helps one seamlessly track the health vitals, syncs with wearables, pushes analytics reports , has an updated health library and gives behavioral nudges based on recommendations which can help in sustaining healthy behaviors in the community. This program will add on to  the services you render in your medical facility and provide state of art preventive care.

Care continuum pertains to continuous support to the client through a range of coordinated health services and connected health teams. NCDs due to the chronic nature of the diseases involved need long term monitoring of risk factors such as blood sugar and blood pressure. There is a need to look after sleep, nutrition, exercise on a long term basis for healthier lifestyles through behavioral inputs. This long term monitoring reduces the impact of the risk factors by bringing them under control and hence prevents subsequent complications.

Health mentor services under the program leads to a continuous monitoring of the clinical parameters and feedback to the treating physician when the person has left the health care facility up to a period of 3 years. This proactive management leads to quickly alerting the healthcare team in case of any deviations and change in health status instead of coming at stage when the diseases has caused complications.

Care continuum increases coordination and required support for health inputs from health teams, systematic follow up, seamless access and improved health parameters for the patients in the Apollo ecosystem across the country.

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