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What is the solution to fight this pandemic? Is there any salvation for us in this country?

Dr KM Cherian Heart Foundation’s Frontier Lifeline Hospital conducted a discussion meeting on ‘Koronaguard’ – a prospective preventive & supportive formulation proposed to fight against Covid-19 pandemic. The meeting was attended by Dr.K.R. Jawaharlal and Dr R Govindaraj from Deputy Director of Health Department Tiruvallur District and Mr Ramesh, DSP of Gummudipoondi Taluk. The discussion was initiated by Dr KM Cherian in the absence of Dr. J. Radhakrishnan who had to take part in an emergency field visit and the presentation session was conducted by Dr Kavitha Govarthanan, Biotechnologist from IIT Madras. It was attended by authorities like Asst. Drugs Controller of India – Dr. P. Manavalan.  Dr. K. Ramu and Dr. Krishnan – the innovators of this particular entity took park on Zoom due to travel restrictions.  Dr. Ramu explained emulsification process and the formulation of this particular emulsifier which is a non ionic surfactant called called Polyoxyl Hydrogenated Caster Oil introduced by BSA.  Its function is to reduce the interfacial surface tension between the fat and water and help to make emulsion. Koronaguard contains virgin coconut oil which contains monolaurin, an excellent antiviral product.  Apart from this, it also contains essential oils such as Clove Oil, Cinnamon Oil and Peppermint Oil which all have potent anti fibrolytic and anti inflammatory properties. Koronaguard is available in three forms – Nasal drops, Liquid Gargle and flavoured lozenges.

The product travels through the same area that corona travels inside our body and is expected to help and attack the lipid layer of corona and disintegrate the whole structure.

A recent study led by the Philippines Department of Science and Technology (DOST) revealed that suspected COVID-19 patients administered with virgin coconut oil (VCO) had reduced symptoms and a faster recovery phase compared to the control group.

Sharing his thoughts, Dr KM Cherian, Chairman & CEO, Frontier Lifeline Hospital, said, “Coronavirus travels fairly long distances and can move from one person to another through the air they breathe.  We need to take care of the people in villages as they are less privileged. Are there any solutions in place for these people? These simple and cheap options such as liquid gargle and nasal spray can go a long way in preventing the disease. Another important factor to note is that there is a third wave expected to hit us and it is predicted that it would hit the children most. So this strawberry & orange flavoured lozenges will be their favourite. This will be like Oral polio vaccine administration.  We should concentrate on Covid infection and spread among children. Countries like China have already started vaccinating kids above the age of 3 in their country. China authorised the emergency use of Sinovac Biotech’s coronavirus vaccine for children, becoming the first major country to do so for those as young as three.”

Dr Cherian, further adds, “It worries me that already 63 percent of adult Americans have received at least one shot, and 52 percent of adult Americans are fully vaccinated. Already 12 states have 70 percent of adults with at least one shot. And look at our country. We still haven’t figured out the right time gap between two doses. While the population is a huge factor, but we have to start looking at alternate methods of prevention & supportive cure as well.”

At the end of the discussion, a proposal was put across to the relevant Govt. authorities who were present for permission to conduct a clinical study at the Covid Centre of Tiruvallur district. Talks are underway to get approvals to start the trials.

Sharing his concerns, Dr Cherian, said, “Expense extortion from poor people being conducted both by Companies, Hospitals, etc should be stopped so that the nature should be used for prevention and treatment of this pandemic (fresh air, high wind speed, natural oils etc.) so that the expenses should be reduced and India should show the cheapest way for containing this pandemic.

ICMR and other agencies such as Drug Controller of India (DCGI) should get involved with full vigorous support.  Decision making agencies such as Niti Aayog should be a part of it. He had talked about the vaccine production in Chennai facility near Chingleput under Vision 2023 and the Medical science park to produce consumables, disposables and implantables where India’s first Medical science park and SEZ is lying unutilized due to Red Tapism and bureaucracy.”

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