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Ignoring testicular pain in young boys can lead to impotency in later life

Testicular pain can be termed as discomfort in one or both the testis. There are many young boys who suffer from this severe problem but neglect it. With the help of expertise and advanced technology, Doctors say that they can save testis of a such patients, and can help them to improve their quality of life. Doctors say Awareness should be created by educating the parents and boys about it.

Vihaan Singh (name changed), resident of Chembur who studies in 9th grade was complaining of testicular pain in the right testis for 2 days.Even though he complained to his parents but they ruled it out saying it is normal and was he taken to a local doctor. Later, the pain was so unbearable that he would find it difficult to attend his online classes and was unable to concentrate on his studies. On December 31, Vihaan was crying in pain and that is when the parents admitted him to Zen Multispecialty Hospital, Chembur.

Dr Vishakhakalikar, Laparoscopic surgeon,Zen Multispecialty Hospital, said, “Testis produce sperm and the hormone testosterone. But young boys and men can suffer from testicular pain that can be acute and chronic. There are many reasons behind this excruciating testicular pain. The causes can be an infection, nerve damage, cancer, or even an injury. He had a torsion of the testis. On arrival, his sonography suggested that there was no blood flow to his testis. The patient underwent a bilateral orchiopexy that is fixing of the testis in their original position. The boy discharged within 24 hours. The patient had followed up in the outpatient department after 1 week. Patient is healthy.”

Dr Vishakha added, “Not treating the patient at the right time could have led to permanent damage to the testicle or even loss of testicle causing impaired fertility. Pay attention to the testicular pain and seek prompt treatment. Parents should make sure that they take their children for testicular examination, once per month to notice any changes or even lumps in the testicles.Available of facilities under one roof fastens process of diagnosis and early treatment in such scenarios.”

“We were disturbed and afraid after we saw Vihaan rolling on the floor due to the testicular pain. He kept crying and shouting in pain. He couldn’t even walk or talk properly. We thank the doctors for offering him appropriate treatment. We appeal to other parents like us not to ignore when the child complaints of any health issues,” concluded the patient’s father Nitish Singhi (name changed).

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