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Parenting is all about new learning everyday!

Staying Home as opened newer ways to rediscover family bonds

Current lockdown has changed the whole world and so the way we live! Our family routines have changed, affecting the way we deal with our family members, especially with our children.

Parents’ complaining about their children getting glued to televisions sets and mobile phones is a common sight these days. With no more formal schooling, playgrounds or visits to their friends, the kids have been left with not many options.  Thus forcing parents to impose restrictions and for some times resulting into awkward situations.

Reacting to the situation, Dr. Navodita Kumar, Clinical Psychologist, Apollo Clinics, Hyderabad has opined that mental well being of their children has thus become an important factor for parents to continuously keep a check upon. She advises them to not to compare your children with other children. Every child is unique and have their own learning abilities. Don’t jump to conclusions before you understand their capabilities, she suggests.

A blessing in disguise, this has also lead them to rediscover their family bonds. Children now spend most of their time with their families and the parents are discovering newer ways to keep them engaged too.

A couple of quick tips for you to consider

  • Try to spend some quality time with your kid.
  • Communicate with them patiently so that they are comfortable talking to you. Only by doing this will you be able to understand their actual mental status.
  • Stop scolding and showing them your aggression as they are very tender and sensitive.
  • Keep them engaged in different activities with you. Help them with things that lead to experiential learning.

There are many more things that you can do with your kids. With trial and error overtime, the parents also undergo a learning process and understand what works best. Interact focus and enjoy your time with your kids.

So as you find time, make sure you make the most of it with your children, advises Dr. Navodita Kumar, Clinical Psychologist, Apollo Clinics, Hyderabad. She also suggest parents to sing and dance with them, get them to help you in your household work, give them responsibilities with which they can learn more. Ultimately parenting is all about new learning every day, She says.

It is stressful many a times for working parents to strike the balance between spending time at work vs spending time with family. As it has been said, it is no more work from home. It has rather changed to living at work and as it is expected, the status quo may not change for some time now.

Article is prepared by Dr. Navodita Kumar, Clinical Psychologist, Apollo Clinics, Hyderabad

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