Just by leaving the situation created by Pandemic in 2020 that has thrown several challenges in the way we functioned, we have entered the New Year with a hope to bring the change and move forward.

Further keeping in view of emerging digital era in upcoming 5G period, Madhyam Communications Pvt Ltd’s endeavour to provide complete digital visibility enhancements package exclusively designed for Doctors.

The services are designed with Madhyam’s three decade long experience in Image Building, Public Relations, Media Relations, Creative Designing & Production, Event Management, Content Development in Print and Visual and with the knowledge gained while working with varied health care organisation and doctors.

In order to keep it simple and affordable, while fulfilling each individual’s requirements without compromising initial requirements, we have designed the below mentioned simple packages…..

1.  Creation of a Web Site along with a blog (including one year maintenance)

• Rs. 25000.00 (Domain Registration and Hosting Charges are charged as actual)

2.  Content Development for Blog (per month)

• Development of Two Professional Article + Two Videos (Interviews/Presentations) – Rs. 15000.00

• Development of Four Professional Articles + Two Videos (Interviews/Presentations) – Rs. 20000.00

• Development of Four Professional Articles + Four Videos (Interviews/Presentations) – Rs. 25000.00

3.  Digital Marketing

• Creation of Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram pages and four postings per month                            –  Rs. 15000.00

• Creation of Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram pages and four postings along with          running one advertorial per month  – Rs.25000/-  (Rs.5000/- amount to be paid to social media organisations as advertisement charges)

Further preference will be given to our client’s articles, views and information on Madhyam’s health care portal www.itshealthcare.in and its life style portal www.saradhy.com.  Clients will also get an opportunity to participate in webinars and other interactions and events organised by our portals.

Thanking you and team Madhyam is looking forward to hear from you and to feel free to seek clarifications on the above